Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Hello and welcome to Melissa Aerobatics!

Melissa's air show routine is a high energy and action packed display of Unlimited Aerobatics in the Edge540 Aircraft. The show will give your audience everything from the thrill of gyroscopic maneuvers to the extremely complex and technical maneuvers learned through competition. Melissa believes that mastering the skills of both competition and air shows will make her the most skilled and safe pilot that she can be. You will be provided with a full and entertaining display for every type of audience.

Melissa views each venue as a new palate where she can create a beautiful painting in the sky to please the eyes, ears and imaginations of all. As a young female in aerobatics, Melissa attracts the harder to reach audiences. The younger viewers can relate to her and be encouraged to pursue their own dreams of aviation!

"Melissa is a very impressive (and attractive) young lady! She puts on a great show too!"
~Spectator Fleet Week 2008

The Audience is the most important part of any show and our goal is to leave them wanting to come back for more next year!

Thank you for considering our show. Melissa Aerobatics is based in San Francisco, California. Any show within' 300 nautical miles is considered to be local and I will not charge any travel fees. Please visit the ICAS website and view our profile to download contracts and more.

We hope that Melissa Aerobatics is right for you!


  1. We saw you fly KOSH, goodness young lady I thought I could do that...not!! Top of the line Melissa

  2. Hi, superb blog and realy beautiful Edge.. Good luck in the skies!